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Central Disability Homecare is an experienced and leading organization that provides high-quality disability home care services. We go above and beyond to ensure our clients are receiving the best possible care and support. .

About Us

Disability Care

Central Disability Care is a leading provider of disability care services in Australia. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive support and guidance to individuals with disabilities and their families. Our team of specialists, including physical therapists, occupational therapists, and certified nurses, work together to ensure each individual receives the best possible care and service.

Years Experience

Trust and communication are essential for any community to thrive. By working together and supporting each other, we can create communities that are strong and resilient.

Professional Care

We are a team of passionate individuals who are committed to providing exceptional care. Our mission is to foster a safe and supportive environment that meets the needs of our clients.

Personal Growth

Personal growth is the process of developing and improving one’s skills, knowledge, and character to reach their full potential. It involves setting goals and taking steps towards achieving them.

Quality Care

Quality care is essential in providing individuals with the best medical experiences possible. When receiving medical attention, it is important that all patients are given proper and safe treatment, as well as respect and understanding.

Professionals Care

We believe that everyone’s health should be treated with respect, dignity and understanding regardless of their circumstance or condition. This is why Professionals Care has developed specialized programs tailored specifically to address the unique needs of each person we serve; from seniors needing assistance with daily living activities all the way up to complex medical situations requiring comprehensive support services.

Our Services

The support that we provide


Accommodation tenancy is an important part of Central Disability Care’s (CDC) services. Through its residential programs.

Assist-Personal Activities

Central Disability Care is an organization dedicated to helping individuals with disabilities engage in meaningful and purposeful activities.


People who want assistance going about might use the transportation services offered by Central Disability Care.

Daily Tasks/Shared Living

Daily tasks are an integral part of shared living. Whether you’re sharing a home with roommates, family or both.


What Our Client's Says

Portrait of relaxed man at home
Lulita W.

"I don't know what else to say. It's just amazing. Dude, your stuff is the bomb! I will refer everyone I know."

Verge W.


Katherine G.

"It's really wonderful. I will recommend you to my colleagues. We were treated like royalty. We're loving it."

Nadiya W.

"I would like to personally thank you for your outstanding services. Keep up the excellent work."

    24/7 Service

    We proudly offer 24/7 support. Our team is available any time of day or night via phone, email, chat, and SMS.

    Many Branch

    We understand that providing the best quality of service begins with caring for our customers for exceptional service we have many branch.

    Flexible Time

    Flexible Time is an innovative way for Patients to demonstrate our commitment to our Patients. Because We Care about the Patient & achievement or success of our team.


    Being professional is an important trait in any career. It ensures that employees provide their best work and maintain a good reputation when dealing with Patients, colleagues, and Othres.

    Why choose us

    We provide care in large quantities

    We not only provide high-quality healthcare services but also offer support and guidance throughout the process. Our highly trained staff provides personalized attention every step of the way, ensuring each patient feels supported and respected during their time with us.

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    If you need help from Our Contacts, don’t hesitate to reach out! We’re here to listen and help with whatever issue or query you may have. We look forward to hearing from you soon!


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