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People who want assistance going about might use the transportation services offered by Central Disability Care. For participants whose disabilities prevent them from using public transportation, Assist/Travel Transport was created. Our staff members who provide transportation assistance are highly skilled and have clean police records and valid driver’s licenses. This service comprises making travel plans using private or public transportation networks so that the participant may get to their place of employment, school, appointments, or community activities. For your convenience, we offer reliable transportation services. We help you move about more easily and safely.

Young daughter taking care of her mother with disability sitting in wheelchair

We offer a variety of transportation services, including carpooling with other passengers, shuttle services for large groups or events, private cars for individuals and families, and even luxury vehicles for special occasions. We pride ourselves on utilizing the latest technology to ensure our customers have access to the best possible ride-sharing experience. We make use of GPS tracking systems and electronic payment methods so that our customers can be sure their journey will be as smooth as possible. Additionally, all drivers are thoroughly vetted before being allowed onto the platform and monitored throughout their journey for added safety measures.

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24/7 Service

We proudly offer 24/7 support. Our team is available any time of day or night via phone, email, chat, and SMS.

Many Branch

We understand that providing the best quality of service begins with caring for our customers for exceptional service we have many branch.

Flexible Time

Flexible Time is an innovative way for Patients to demonstrate our commitment to our Patients. Because We Care about the Patient & achievement or success of our team.


Being professional is an important trait in any career. It ensures that employees provide their best work and maintain a good reputation when dealing with Patients, colleagues, and Othres.

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