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Assist-Life Stage, Transition

Assist-Life Stage, Transition – is a supportive Central Disability Homecare program for those with disabilities. This comprehensive homecare service provides an all-inclusive care plan tailored to the needs of each individual. From preparation to the transition stage and beyond, Assist-Life Stage helps those with disabilities and their families navigate the many challenges they face.

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The Assist-Life team is committed to providing superior quality service that meets both medical and emotional needs, creating a safe environment for individuals to reach their fullest potential. Through careful assessment and planning, qualified professionals create customized plans that provide healthy lifestyle choices that increase independence surrounding daily activities. A variety of services are offered including clinical assessments, skill building instruction, transportation assistance and more in order to meet the individual’s unique requirements.

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Flexible Time is an innovative way for Patients to demonstrate our commitment to our Patients. Because We Care about the Patient & achievement or success of our team.


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